Jun 30, Friday                                              PARUKE

Welcome Reception for Organizing Members of IPTA

18:00  Restaurant Parie  tel: 0266 52 5048

 July 1, Saturday                                          PARUKE 3

Opening Remarks of IPTA with Breakfast   
                                          The hall is BELLEVUE(Palace Building 6F)

6:40-7:00                                                                  Chairs: Yoshimi Asagai

                                                                                  Ronald Wheeland


Symposium-1 (S-1): Basic Research of Pain Control   
Leonard Longo

7:00-8:00                                                                   Masahito Kawatani

S-1-1 Basic Approach for the Mechanism of Effect of Low-Level Laser        Toyofumi Hosokawa

Irradiation on Sympathetic Nervous System And Microcirculation

S-1-2 Basic Studies on PDT for Neuronal Disorders in the Central Nervous System        
 Yosuke Kataoka

S-1-3 Laser Therapy for Pain Control                                                     Kazuo Hanaoka

S-1-4 Low Level Laser Irradiation Changes Inflammation Related Substance           
Masahito Kawatani

Symposium-2 (S-2): Wound Healing                        Chairs: Mary Dyson

8:00-9:00                                                                   Toyofumi Hosokawa

S-2-1 Laser Phototherapy for Treatment of Peripheral Nerve and Spinal Cord Injury

(basic science & animal studies)                        Shimond Roshkind

S-2-2 The Role of Phototherapy in Recalcitrant or Nonhealing Ucers         Junichiro Kubota

S-2-3 The Importance of the Macrophage in Wound Healing                           Mary Dyson

S-2-4 Phototherapy for Post-resurfacing Wound Healing                            Mario Trelles


Coffee break



Symposium-3 (S-3): Pain Control                                         Chairs: David Baxter

9:15-10:15                                                                     Zlatko Simunovic

S-3-1 Lasers in Dentistry LLLT Randomized Clinical Study with Control Group

After Multiple Teeth Extraction                                                 Zlatko Simunovic

S-3-2 Post Surgical Pain Control with LLLT                                              Mario Trelles

S-3-3 Pain Control in Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine                                  David Baxter


Symposium-4 (S-4): Basic Research of Photodynamic Therapy      
Chairs: Tetsuya Nakamura

10:15-11:15                                                                    Ahn Woong Shick

S-4-1 Adjuvant strategy of PDT                                                     Ahn Woong Shick

S-4-2 Photodynamic Therapy for Lung Malignancy                            Tetsuya Okunaka

S-4-3 The Feasibility of PDT for Hemangioma with Talaporfin:A Chicken Comb Model      

                                                                                                       Takafumi Ohshiro

S-4-4 PDT for Gastrointestinal Tumors                                           Tetsuya Nakamura

S-4-5 Necrosis depth in Interstitial PDT Varied nonlinearly as function of light dose           

                     and Photosensitizer dose for a Solid Tumor Model                  Jong-Ki Kim

July 1, Saturday                                           PARUKE 3

Symposium-5 (S-5): LLLT & Phototherapy in The Country           

                                                                            Chairs: Jing Wang Kim

11:15-12:15                                                                     Tran Han Khang

S-5-1 LLLT and Phototherapy in Italy                                                   Leonard Longo

S-5-2 The Current Status of Laser Treatment of Dermatology in Vietnam                   

                                                                                                          Tran Hau Khang

S-5-3 LLLT and Light Therapy in Korea                                                  Jing Wang Kim

S-5-4 LLLT and Phototherapy in Thailand                                              Narong Nimsakul


Special Lecture (SPL)


SPL-1                                                                                     Chair : Tetsuya Okunaka

The CO₂ Laser in the Treatment of Vascular Lesions                  Isaac Kaplan


SPL-2                                                                                       Chair : Leonard Longo

History of IPTA                                   Toshio Ohshiro


SPL-3                                                                                       Chair : Jong-Ki Kim

The History of Clinical PDT                                                                                                                     Tetsuya Okunaka


Symposium-6 (S-6): Maxillo-Facial                 Chairs: Zlatko Simunovic

13:45-14:45                                                                       Luciana Lopes

S-6-1 13 Years Clinical Experience in Laser Treatment of Tinnitus           Miroslav Prochazka

S-6-2 The Benefits of Phototherapy-LLLT in the Oral Cavity and Maxilo- facial diseases  

                                                                                                           Zlatko Simunovic

S-6-3 Phototherapy and Immediate Effects in Gingivitis and Marginal Periodontities         

                                                                                                        Rozalia Dana Vieru

S-6-4 The Evolution of Phototherapy in the Oral Medicine Field                  Luciana Lopes


Symposium-7 (S-7): A-LA-CARTE (1)                                       Chairs: Krishna Rau

14:45-15:45                                                                      Hayk Arakelyan

S-7-1 Nd:YAG Laser Application in Tracheobronchial Tumors                Krishna Rau

S-7-2 Ischemic Heart Diseases Treatment by Means of Intravenous HeNe Laser Blood         

             Irradiation Combined with Phototherapy                                    Hayk Arakelyan     

S-7-3 Rapid Improvement of Systemic and Local Microcirculation after Irradiation of          

Diabetic Patients with Polychromatic Visible and Infrared (IR) Light    K.A.Samoilova

S-7-4 Phototherapy, a Mandate in Surgically Treated Vitiligo                          Sherif Awad



Bus tour


  Around beautiful Lake Suwa

Presidential Banquet               The hall is PARUKE[1-3](Main building 2F)


 July 2, Sunday                                           PARUKE 3

Daybreak Session with Breakfast        The hall is BELLEVUE (Palace building 6F)

6:30-7:00                                                                  Chair: Yoshimi Asagai

Bus Tour to Kamikochi

Hands-on Work Shop (Paralysis & Pain)                  Chairs: Narong Nimsaku

7:00-8:00                                                                     Toshio Ohshiro

WS-1-1 How to Treat Spastic Cerebral Palsy with LLLT                             Yoshimi Asagai

WS-1-2 Proximal Priority Treatment Method in LLLT                                Toshio Ohshiro


Symposium 8-Sports Medicine                                     Chairs: David Baxter

8:00-9:00                                                            Shigeyuki Nakaji

S-8-1 The Role of Phototherapy in Sports Injury                                       David Baxter

S-8-2 Phototherapy for the Treatment of Sports-related Temporomandibular Joint Injury         
Junichiro Kubota

S-8-3 Effects of Diode Laser Irradiation on Superficial Blood Flow in College    Shigeyuki Nakaji

      Sumo Wrestlers: A Preliminary Study

S-8-4 The Treatment of Impotence related with Prostate Inflammations by Means of           

              Intravenous and Local Non Invasive Laser Therapy                   Hayk Arakelyan


Coffee break



Presidential Lecture

9:15-9:45                                                              Chairs: Kengo Yamamoto

15 Year’s Experience of LLLT for Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy

                                                                                     Yoshimi Asagai

Special Lecture (SPL)


Lecture 4                                                         Chair : Narong Nimsakul

Bridging by Bio-Medical Engineering from Modern                     Kazuhiko Atsumi

Medicine to Traditional medicine


Symposium9-LLLT for Infertility                                 Chairs: Peter Hasan

10:15-11:10                                                                            Shunji Fujii

S-9-1 LLLT in Wound Healing and Male Infertility                                      Peter Hasan

S-9-2 Fertilization Treatment by LLLT                                                Hidehisa Iwahata

      S-9-3 10 Year Experience of Applying Low reactive Level Laser Therapy as        

            an Adjunctive Treatment for Female Infertility                                  Shunji Fujii


General Assembly                                                          Chair: Yoshimi Asagai

11:10-12:00                                                                     Toshio Ohshiro

July 2, Sunday                                            PARUKE 3

Symposium10                                                       Chairs: Ming-Chien Kao

12:00-13:00                                                                      Premysl Fryda

S-10-1 Laser Safety:Beyond Signs and Goggle                                      Penny Smalley

S-10-2 ISO9001:2000 Standards-a must for Advanced Private Laser Clinics      Premysl Fryda

S-10-3 Transcutaneus Photomodification of Blood Components as a Principal    K.A.Samoilova

Mechanism of Anti-inflammatory, Immunomodulatory and Wound Healing    N.A.Zhevago

Stimulatory Effects of Light

Closing Remarks of IPTA                                      Chair: Yoshimi Asagai


Bus tour


   Shinano Handicapped Children’s Hospital and Suwa Grand Shrine

Farewell Party

18:00  Hotel Yakko tel: 0266 27 8530


July 3, Monday                                                         

Optional Bus tour


   Trip to Kamikochi