she International Phototherapy Association (IPTA) will strive to uphold the
rigorous professional standards of its illustrious predecessor, the International
Laser Therapy Association (ILTA). Our association respects the due
democratic process and welcomes the enrollment of a truly professional membership
who is dedicated not only to laser therapy, but also to the clinical and
basic scientific research of all aspects of phototherapy and photobiomodulation.
We now invite interested professionals to apply for membership, with a
proposed annual fee of \12,000 (Japanese yen) which will also include four issues
per year of the official IPTA journal, Laser Therapy.
Anyone working in the field of phototherapy, including laser therapy, either
in clinical practice or in basic research, is eligible to apply. This includes physicians,
dentists, sports clinicians, veterinarians, physiotherapists, physical therapists,
podiatrists, nurse specialists, research scientists and so on.

Charter Membership c.. Limited Period!
By joining IPTA now you will be enrolled as a Charter Member, which will appear
on your Membership Certificate and Memberfs Card. Those joining after
the end of 2006 will be enrolled simply as Members.

Life Membership
The option to join as a Life Member is also offered, whereby payment of 10
yearsf Membership in advance (\120,000) will entitle you to Membership of
IPTA for life, including receipt of the official journal for as long as you remain
a member. Your name will also appear permanently on the IPTA Roll of Honour
in recognition of your outstanding support for the Association.

The Official IPTA Journal Laser Therapy
In 2006, we are scheduled to apply for MEDLINE and Excerpta Medica
(EMBASE), from both of which we should receive approval to be listed from
June 2007. Furthermore, in July 2007, we plan to apply for listing in Index
Medicus and, following approval, Laser Therapy should appear in Index
Medicus from June 2008.

Donft hesitate, fill in and send off the accompanying form and join IPTA today,
and become one of the growing number of health professionals who see IPTA
as a solid forum for the clinical and basic scientific aspects of all facets of
phototherapy and photobiomodulation!